Consolidated Accounting

Japan’s No.1 consolidated accounting software
that covers large and global enterprises as well as mid-sized and growing companies

With the history of Japanese companies’ management of their group companies, we have consistently contributed to our customers.
Currently, we are recognized by several research institutes as a top share provider of consolidated accounting software in Japan.

102社:東証上場の時価総額トップ200社の中のお客様社数 33,000社超:ディーバのお客様が管理するグループ会社数 401兆円:DivaSystemで処理される東証上場企業の年次決算売上高合計(※東証全体の47%) 1位:複数の調査会社のリサーチでマーケットシェアNo.1(ITR、富士キメラ総研など) 1,000社超:これまでにご利用 いただいている お客様の総数
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