Consolidated Accounting Solutions
for Large and Global Companies

The de facto standard for consolidated accounting, used by about half of the top 200 companies
by market capitalization on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

As the business becomes large scaled and globalized, it is necessary to evolve the consolidated accounting system and eradicate the analog Excel work, cumbersome email exchanges, and manpowered operations that remain in the consolidated accounting process of the entire group.

Furthermore, it is necessary to take effective measures with limited resources in response to increasing internal and external expectations of the accounting department, such as not only accelerating the closing of accounts, but also enhancing management accounting and strengthening subsidiary governance.

With more than 20 years of experience since the company was founded, DIVA provides not only a detailed response to the Japanese accounting system, but also optimal solutions to the group management issues faced by large and global companies, such as support for other languages, ERP integration, and integration with management accounting, and accompany our clients’ consolidated accounting operations.

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Common Challenges and Value Provided by DIVA​

Because of the need to conduct global consolidated accounting operations not only at the Group’s headquarters but also at overseas regional headquarters, it is necessary to have a system that can handle multi-language and multi-stage consolidated accounting operations.
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In addition to multi-language and multi-currency support, we provide a range of functions to support global operations, including multi-stage consolidation, including sub-consolidation, and integrated workflows.
The limited number of people at the head office cannot provide sufficient support and communication to the group companies, and we are concerned about implementation and operation.
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We have a support system in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, and can support the system introduction to overseas subsidiaries, and respond to local inquiries after the introduction with a sense of speed and without time lag.
The burden of catching up with ever-changing accounting standards and disclosure requirements in a timely manner is high because the company has to deal with everything in house.
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With more than 20 years of experience in Japanese accounting systems, DIVA provides thorough and meticulous support in terms of product and support.
Experience in identifying and implementing the best integration policy for the company between financial and management accounting, as well as project execution is difficult.
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DIVA provides total support from the formulation of consolidated financial and management accounting integration policies, business process development, systems to realize them, and data preparation and implementation, referring to many examples from other companies.
With an increase in the number of Group companies with different languages, cultures, time differences, etc., the local situation is becoming more and more difficult to see but there is no speedy solution other than relying on ERP integration.
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DIVA provides the data integration infrastructure to strengthen your governance with our consolidated accounting system as a hub.

Information on group companies can be visualized in the consolidated accounting system, which reduces errors and makes it possible to detect accounting risks.

The system works seamlessly with the ERP of the group companies.​

Relevant Services

Consulting services to improve financial statements efficiency
Services identify improvement points, including business processes and systems, and propose and resolve optimal solutions for the changes in the client’s management environment, such as changes in accounting standards, unification of settlement periods, and globalization of business, in order to support early settlement of accounts and improved efficiency of settlement operations.
System Operation Outsourcing service
This is a cloud-based service that provides the setting, operation, and maintenance of a system infrastructure that allows customers to use our products at ease. This reduces the cost of the system equipment and the cost of its operation, while creating an environment in which customers can focus on their core business.
Operational training on DIVA products
Participants will become accustomed to using our products. The lineup of programs and the application procedure are available on dedicated customer support website.
Practical Seminar on consolidated accounting
Participants are expected to gain an understanding of consolidated accounting and to familiarize themselves with the preparation of journal entry lines and the procedures for preparing consolidated financial statements and others in practice. The programs are offered through e-learning, which is accessible from anywhere.
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