Consolidated Accounting Solutions
for Mid-sized and Growth Companies

A quick and light problem-solving method born from our know-how since our founding

Mid-sized and growing companies are frequently faced with changes in the business environment, such as an increase in the number of subsidiaries due to IPOs and mergers and acquisitions, and new works like the preparation and analysis of reports on a consolidated basis and the management of subsidiaries are required as the business grows.

On the other hand, in the administration department, which supports growth, a few experts in the field manage to cope with the day-to-day operations through complex Excel work and paper-based communication.

DIVA supports our customers with the theme of “how they can solve their problems in a short time and with a small amount of work” by using the method for medium-sized and growing companies that we have accumulated since our founding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t this for large, global companies?

Implementation Models are available according to the number of subsidiaries.

  • 60% of our previous customers are corporate groups with 20 or fewer subsidiaries. Based on the feedback from many customers, we have prepared the implementation models for mid-sized and growing companies.

Is it available at a cost commensurate with the size of the company?

The concept is “quick and light problem-solving.”

  • By specializing in solving the typical concerns of mid-sized and growing companies, DIVA offers high-performance products with a short turnaround time and low cost.

Are there any ready-to-use business templates?

Templates are available and they cover even the integration with the disclosure system.

  • By using a template called “Disclosure Standard Package”, it is possible to link the output data with the disclosure system while utilizing the collection package in accordance with the revision of the accounting system. It is perfect for customers who are about to start their consolidation or who are looking to improve their collection package.

Can it be used without the help of a systems department?

Many of our customers use our services only for accounting and business planning departments without any help of a systems department.

  • We provide support from our staff who are well versed in consolidated accounting operations, and we also provide a cloud-based environment so that business units can use our services without the support of a system department.

Can I use it even if I don’t know much about consolidated accounting or IT?

We have the best support system in the industry to accompany you in your work.

  • We provide a wide range of support, from system setup on behalf of our clients to outsourcing of account settlement operations, not to mention a wealth of manuals and one of the largest support systems in Japan.

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