Visualize Subsidiaries’ Reporting
and Reduce
the Occurrence of Errors

For more than 10 years, DIVA’s products have served major global companies in Japan by helping parent companies to collect standardized/non-standardized information disseminated across group companies, and DIVA’s products have been widely applied in their consolidated accounting processes.

The same products can also build a one-step process where such collected data is converted and imported into a consolidated accounting system.

Customers benefit from DIVA’s abundant experience in improving operations, including those for overseas subsidiaries’ non-consolidated account settlement, by receiving support for the improvement of their accounting operations together with a data collection package.


Customer Success Story

As the business is globalized, at overseas subsidiaries, the process of account settlement tends to be unclear and errors caused by manual processes increase, resulting in major difficulty in controlling man-hours to report group management information, as represented by the preparation of consolidated financial statements.

Not to mention the need to improve and speed-up the account settlement of each subsidiary, errors arising from the difference in accounting standards between countries and customers’ unfamiliarity with the package of consolidated accounting systems also require solutions.
Post-introduction Value
An automated process for financial reporting to a parent company (using a consolidated accounting package), which takes into consideration the difference in accounting standards between Japan and other countries, helps reduce errors in manual work and improve the accuracy of the financial data of subsidiaries.

At the same time, a visualized reporting process allows for a parent company to analyze the historical non-consolidated data of its subsidiaries, and retaining the data on a unified platform provides for enhanced group governance.

In addition, DIVA’s support, including on-site educational seminars for accounting personnel, ranging from non-consolidated account settlement to data registration on a consolidated accounting package, helps establish more accurate and stable reporting from subsidiaries.

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