Builds a Management Foundation
for Regional Headquarters

DIVA has an unrivalled track record as a provider of consolidated accounting systems in Japan and abundant experience in introducing mainly subsidiaries’ consolidated accounting systems overseas.

To address the difficulty in obtaining a consensus between expatriates and local accounting departments, which is a typical problem facing overseas regional supervisory companies, DIVA provides a solution that takes necessary stakeholders into consideration from the proposal phase.

Moreover, if DivaSystem has already been installed at a parent company, it will be possible to perform a subsidiary’s consolidated account settlement in the same system, which enables smooth communication between the parent company and regional supervisory companies.


Customer Success Story

An increase in the number of overseas subsidiaries calls for a subsidiary company that supervises a certain region (regional supervisory company), instead of a parent company in Japan, to supervise business management by region.

However, it is difficult to examine the reliability of data in the course of Excel-based operations, making the financial reporting of regional supervisory companies unclear.

Moreover, due to the difference in the information volume handled by a parent company and regional supervisory companies, it is hard to engage in appropriate communication from a single perspective, often resulting in a lack of governance.
Post-introduction Value
A parent company can engage in dialogue with regional supervisory companies based on commonly-shared data by allowing the parent company to access the financial data of regional supervisory companies as well as that of their subsidiaries (sub-subsidiaries).

By performing consolidated account settlement with a uniform consolidated accounting system, the operation of consolidated account settlement will be standardized between a parent company in Japan and regional supervisory companies.

When introducing a consolidated accounting system in regional supervisory companies, it is also possible to analyze the operational process of a regional supervisory company to detect a risk that may cause an error.

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