Detects Signs of Manipulation
and Accounting Risks of Subsidiaries

For more than 10 years, DIVA’s products have served major global companies in Japan by helping parent companies to collect standardized/non-standardized information disseminated across group companies, and DIVA’s products have been widely applied in their consolidated accounting processes.

The same products can also build a one-step process where such collected data is converted and imported into a consolidated accounting system.

In addition, experienced in building a cycle to constantly transport accounting knowledge into the system, DIVA provides, together with the system, knowledge to manage the process at a reasonable price.


Customer Success Story

Due to an increase in the number of subsidiaries, it is difficult for the limited staff of a parent company to detect signs of manipulation.

This is not just because a large volume of information needs to be checked but also because the survey process within a group is human-oriented, making survey records unmanageable in a systematic manner.

In addition, as the number of subsidiaries increases, a parent company has more difficulties in fulfilling its managerial responsibility, leading to P/L-oriented corporate management from a business perspective and neglect of monitoring from an accounting perspective.More and more companies are alarmed by the impairment loss of a subsidiary ahead of the accounting season.
Post-introduction Value
DivaSystem provides not only a framework to detect possible manipulation automatically but also a detection logic based on competitors’ examples, which is generally considered to be necessary, allowing for a subsidiary’s mistakes and manipulation to be detected automatically.

Moreover, since it is easy to add to and update a detection logic, customers can constantly improve the detection accuracy by adding a customer-specific logic.

A pre-set recording process to be performed for a certain accounting item is provided as a package to prevent the occurrence of unexpected loss.

Through these processes, DivaSystem helps a parent company to understand its subsidiaries, contributing to uniform group management.
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