Budget Management
as a Means of Group Governance

DIVA is well-experienced in the provision of professional solutions for group budget management associated with the improvement of consolidated account settlement processes.

DIVA is experienced in the development of not only a centralized mechanism where all subsidiaries are uniformly managed by their parent company in Japan but also a decentralized group governance system, and develops a tailored budget management process in line with a customer’s group governance policy.


Customer Success Story

As overseas subsidiaries increase, it has become difficult to maintain well-disciplined thinking and behavior across a group.

As a result, it has become difficult to reflect a parent company’s intention in a subsidiary’s non-consolidated budgeting process, impeding group management effectiveness. In order to make appropriate management decisions in response to a change in the business environment, a parent company must obtain, in a timely manner, accurate information at a business-unit level.

However, the company’s dependence on Excel-based operations makes it difficult to communicate and collaborate smoothly, particularly with overseas subsidiaries, affecting the appropriateness and speed of its decision making.
Post-introduction Value
Group-wide determining the direction in supervisory and executive actions to ensure the efficiency of group governance systems is promoted. Group-wide well-disciplined thinking and behavior that affect profitability, growth and sustainability for enterprise value are promoted.

Moreover, the proactive performance of each of the group’s functions (individual businesses and companies) and an environment to share a common perspective to improve the group’s enterprise value are promoted.

Furthermore, risk factors that affect enterprise value are reduced not only at the level of lower organizational units but also at the level of a business portfolio or the group.

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