Improvement of
Financial Reporting Processes in PMI

What DIVA provides as a standard scheme is underpinned by its proven track record in cross-border M&A and PMI cases, especially in the development of a timely and appropriate reporting process and the automation of process management.


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In cases of cross-border M&As, however, efforts are expended on studying a local accounting system, translating it into a reportable format required by a parent company, and ensuring that it is followed by local staff.

In addition, M&A has become a commonly-used strategy, and increasing goodwill in consolidated financial statements is a risk asset that affects the financial status. Amid such circumstances, a parent company needs to unify valuation methods, etc. and visualize the process.
Post-introduction Value
DIVA provides a package consisting of an appropriate reporting scheme and education for on-site accounting staff, which takes into account the process of reporting mainly financial information to a parent company and the situation regarding the accounting system of an acquired company, which reduces the burdens from PMI.

Moreover, an asset evaluation process visualized on a system platform can reduce the risk of unexpected losses, including an impairment loss that suddenly arises in a reporting season, while helping to establish a common process and framework that will serve as a sustainable M&A infrastructure.
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