Group Management Accounting

Products and professional services that integrate management information disseminated across
group companies and enable dynamic consolidated management accounting

Management decisions need to take into
account the business and group companies horizontally

Group management accounting used for making management decisions plays an important role as a common language to understand the mutual relationship between the roles and standpoints of both the corporate side and the business side and clarify the actual state and outlook of management.

DIVA combines core software and professional services based on superior expertise and in-depth experience, which serves to realize group management accounting covering multiple corporations and businesses.

本社としてのグループ経営管理:グループ経営戦略を支え、全社ファイナンス戦略の策定と実行、コントロールを行う役割 事業としてのグループ経営管理:事業戦略を支え、事業の収益構造の実態と見通しを明らかにし、迅速な意思決定とコントロールを行う役割
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