Consolidated Multiaxial Revenue Management

Do you know the profitability of the group as a whole?

The increasingly competitive environment in a variety of industries requires a more stringent level of revenue management.

On the other hand, as group management progresses, the actual situation becomes more complex, and each company within the group has its own management system, making it increasingly difficult to manage the group as a whole (on a consolidated basis) with the same level of management on an individual company basis (on a non-consolidated basis).

In response to these issues, Diva will build a group integrated database and realize PL/BS/CF output on a consolidated basis with various analysis axes such as products/customers/bases, as well as account settlement information in each accounting item.


Customer Success Story

Although massive efforts have been made to assess profit and loss by product and by customer in order to make management decisions that lead to increased enterprise value, or increased profitability and growth, they have not been assessed in a timely manner.

Not having consolidated P/L information and an outlook based on the reality of business, the sales force has focused on selling products that sell well, and the production force has kept increasing inventories to reduce costs, creating a gap between the activities of each organization and management goals.
Post-introduction Value
By linking data scattered throughout the group’s systems, including non-financial information, and centrally managing it as a group integrated database has acquired the capability for multi-dimensional analysis reporting from the perspective of products, customers, and locations.

The management of a group’s common coding, including product coding and customer coding, has facilitated communication between the corporate side, individual business units and affiliate companies from a common perspective.

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