Consolidated Cost Analysis

Issues surrounding the global manufacturing industry

In order to respond to the dizzying changes in the business environment, it is necessary to grasp the break-even point on a group and global basis and make appropriate management decisions in a timely manner.

However, many of our customers have told us that the break-even point, which could have been grasped in a stand-alone business operation, has become difficult to grasp as the supply chain has been separated to each group company.

To meet these challenges, our experienced consultants quickly provide a consolidated business management system with a high return on investment by using our products, which are the concentrated know-how of more than 1,000 companies.


Customer Success Story

As supply chain management has become complex, it was difficult to oversee the entire status through management focusing on a non-consolidated basis.

As sales costs and logistics costs included both variable and fixed costs, it was difficult to clearly forecast the profit fluctuation due to an increase/decrease in sales volumes (consolidated CVP analysis).

As a result, it was difficult to assess what could be solved by taking what action (using what resource).
Post-introduction Value
By calculating costs and expenses for the entire group for each element (raw materials, labor, depreciation, logistics, selling expenses, etc.), customers can break them down into fixed and variable costs to understand the break-even point for the group.

In addition to enabling the analysis and simulation necessary to recovering fixed costs, the system also enables financial analysis on a consolidated basis (variance analysis), identification of the most profitable production sites, and optimization decisions for the business portfolio.

As a result, customers can consider data-driven resource selection and focus that leads to profit maximization across the group.

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