Non-financial Information

Solutions that make unsystematized non-financial information disseminated across a company available easily and quickly

Supports the management of various information
collected for group management purposes

As Japanese companies actively seek business diversification and corporate integration, including cross-border M&As, a CFO organization is expected to play a more significant role in group management.

Information under the control of a CFO organization ranges from disclosure and IR information that must be disclosed to shareholders to numerical information, attribute information and text information, etc., which are assumed to be related to corporate management and risk management for group governance.

Despite such circumstances, information to be managed is not organized and shared in a database, so requests for data are duplicated from multiple departments, and information is manually managed and aggregated.

DivaSystem FBX and relevant solutions support the management of various information collected for group management.


Examples and the introduction effects of
non-financial information management

Investment and loan management
Systemizes management of the status of various investments and loans managed by departments and affiliates, the status of automatically calculated redemption on a group basis, rolling over to the following month, splitting of investment and loan proposals, and other matters that cannot be easily completed manually.
Investigation during a disaster
In an emergency, such as a disaster, a parent company may need to collect information from group companies and affiliates in a timely manner. DIVA can prepare an additional file for collected data in only twenty to thirty minutes, allowing for a parent company to request group companies and affiliates for necessary information on the day.
Management of affiliates’ targets
DIVA’s target management extends to the management of the targets of not only each subsidiary and department but also plants and affiliates, as well as confirmation of the status of the execution of measures to achieve targets, and the status of monthly rolling during the period.
As information on complaints is collected from hundreds of affiliates at once, it took time to verify and compile the collected data for reporting. DIVA provides a solution that significantly reduces man-hours for management by verifying the entries and automatically creating an aggregated report.

Theme-specific Solutions

Investment and loan management

Investigation during a disaster

Management of affiliates’ targets


Human resources information

Capital investment

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