Creating a 100-year Company


Product Concept

Front-line management
conducted under the initiative of a CFO organization
is the most viable way of maximizing enterprise value.

DIVA, the leading provider of consolidated accounting systems with the largest domestic share*, which has served more than 1,000 customers in total, is releasing the new DIVA Series based on a redefined concept of the existing systems.

The new DIVA series has multiple features, including consolidated accounting and group management accounting capabilities, business portfolio optimization, subsidiary governance enhancement, and provision of non-financial information management, all of which are integrated into a single information platform. The series allows for a CFO organization to ensure the governance of group management from both proactive and defensive standpoints, and dramatically increases the earning power of the organization.

To establish group management in a true sense, a CFO organization should play a central role in driving innovation. DIVA believes, from its over 20 years of experience serving Japan’s leading companies, that this is the most viable way of maximizing enterprise value.

*The actual sales amount of consolidated accounting software (package) in the 2012-2019 period in “New Market of Software Businesses” by Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.