Corporate Philosophy

Creating a 100-year Company

“Creating a sustainable passionate organization”
with passion for
value creation to society

Our corporate activities are based on the basic concept of Japanese-style corporate management, which defines a company as a public entity that serves society. This has been our corporate philosophy since our establishment, and we refer to it as “Creating a 100-year company”, creating a company that will be around for 100 years. It is not just the continuation of a company or its brand. We are striving to realize a corporate culture where all employees’ enthusiasm for the provision of social solutions is inherited.


Spreading Accountability

Build a Future Based on Management Information

Our mission, “Spreading Accountability” refers to contribution to the sustainable development of companies and society by disseminating corporate management-related information to be utilized widely. In the business domain of consolidated accounting and group governance, we currently strive to sophisticate the concept of an information environment to increase enterprise value in cooperation with customers and make the know-how concrete by using optimum information technology, aiming for “Spreading Accountability”.



To Be the World Class Software Company

Since our establishment, we have supported the group management of Japanese companies as a provider of consolidated accounting software. We continue to have a large market share with our high level of expertise in this field. We will continue to take advantage of this strength to provide solutions to “better the decision-making quality of group management,” which is a challenge facing Japanese companies. We believe that the solutions we create for this field are valuable to not only Japanese companies but also companies around the world. The efforts to be a world-class SaaS company, expressed as BE GLOBAL, also lead to the realization of the vision we have had since our establishment: “establish a global presence as a software provider.”



The values that have been shared throughout the entire organization since our establishment are distilled into three words: OPEN, VALUE, and STRETCH.

We value openness to environmental change and a corporate culture that aims to build an honest and sincere relationship with every stakeholder.
We passionately work to create value that makes social contributions, valuing a stance to pursue the highest customer satisfaction.
We hold on to the belief that a healthy challenge enriches the lives of individuals, and value a willingness to pursue growth, while enjoying changes brought about by a challenge.