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Create an information environment that can contribute to
the development of group management

“Amid the advancement of various corporate information systems, is a group management system and a consolidated accounting system necessary as a hub for management information?” This is a question we have asked ourselves since our establishment.

Probably, advanced information technology now allows for all businesses to be visualized on a single system. However, like a society that is diverse in terms of culture, race and systems, an information environment for corporate activities will also continue to be filled with diversity.

Under this concept, as a provider of “group management-focused information systems” to respond to a diversified and dynamic social environment, DIVA has endeavored to develop consolidated accounting systems and related solutions in cooperation with customers.

代表取締役社長 森川 徹治

As a result, the scope of contributions of our systems and services have grown to cover not just consolidated account settlement operations but a customer’s group governance and global corporate management.

As a company specializing in group management solutions, DIVA will seek to build an ideal information environment that contributes to customers’ management of group companies in cooperation with them and to the advancement thereof, by materializing the insights and experience we have gained through our efforts.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

3 Feburary, 2020
Tetsuji Morikawa

代表取締役社長 森川 徹治