DivaSystem Dx3-Advance

Headquarters can visualize the specific journal entry lines and balances of overseas subsidiaries


  • Headquarters can check the financial status (specific journal entry lines and trial balances) of overseas subsidiaries.

  • The process of converting non-consolidated accounting title codes to consolidated codes is visible.

  • Collected data can be used for consolidated accounting purposes.

  • Drills down to specific journal entry lines from numerical data that is reported by each company through the consolidated accounting system.

Key features

Key Features

Collection of specific data

Uploading of data viewed on a screen

  • Uploads a file containing journal entry lines and trial balances from the terminal in use through a browser.

Conversion and integration

Layout switching feature

  • Allows for a user to change the format of the accounting system data held by individual subsidiaries to a uniform format of a parent company from the screen.

Account title switching feature

  • Allows for an account title code of journal entry lines held by individual subsidiaries to be converted into a consolidated account title code.
  • The codes of a single journal entry line can be converted into several kinds of account title codes, including system-oriented codes and management-oriented codes.

Consolidated report data creation feature

  • Allows for consolidated report data created based on individual subsidiaries’ journal entry lines to be imported onto DivaSystem LCA for consolidated processing purposes.


Drill down

  • Allows for drilling down to pre-conversion journal entry lines from individual financial statements on DivaSystem LCA for verification.


On-premises edition
This is an optional feature of DivaSystem LCA.

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