DivaSystem FBX

Collecting files containing a group’s financial and non-financial information


  • Centrally manages the collection and integration of reports submitted by group companies and affiliates, which include both financial and non-financial information.

  • Automates manual tasks, including aggregation, tracking, and error detection. User-friendly and familiar Excel formats remain available.

  • Well-supported by convenient tools, including aggregation, tracking, progress management, and authority management for the collection and integration of reports.

Key features

Key Features


Various master settings

  • Sets master settings required for aggregation and reporting, including account titles, period, currency and foreign exchange rates.

Organization chart

  • The actual organization may not always correspond to the organization required for budgeting. Provides visualization of an organizational chart based on master information. Provides organizational settings of multiple patterns, from an ordinary organization to an organization for budgeting an affiliate or department.

Authorization settings

  • Provides specific authorization settings by page and screen regarding display/non-display and the selection of screens, restricted/unrestricted administrative authorization, general user authorization (Approver/Editor), etc. at a user or user group level.

Dissemination and delivery of files

File delivery

  • Once an Excel format for collection is uploaded on DivaSystem FBX, an Excel file for data entry is automatically delivered to individual Editors.
  • An Editor downloads an uploaded format, enters data accordingly, and then submits the same back to DivaSystem FBX by uploading the format to complete reporting.

Collecting browser-spreadsheets

  • An Editor completes reporting by directly entering data accordingly on an FBX browser-based, Excel-like format for data collection.

Data collection and progress management

Realtime storage in a database

  • Data uploaded in an Excel file or saved in a browser-based spreadsheet is saved in a database in real-time.
  • Data stored in a database can be pasted onto a format distributed through the DivaSystem FBX or utilized for reporting purposes after calculation.

Progress management

  • A user authorized as an approver can modify the status of management. A parent company is authorized to view a screen that lists the progress status. It can also e-mail a deadline reminder.

File status

  • A dedicated icon visualizes whether an Excel file has been downloaded (uploaded) so that the status can be ascertained at a glance.

File history

  • The history of uploading Excel files and modifying the status thereof, including the time and date, the user in charge and attached comments, etc.
  • Files uploaded in the past are downloadable.

Data checking

  • Allows for the data of an Excel file to be checked upon uploading.
  • Easily creates a user’s own checking function. The result of a check is displayed on a checking result sheet.

Aggregation and reporting

Aggregation and processing

  • Data processes (collected and converted) can be used for reporting purposes.


  • Data stored in a database can be used for reporting in any format by using Excel.
  • Aggregates collected data and creates a reporting file.
  • Allows for user-specific or user group-specific access authorization to be set on reporting files.


Cloud-based edition
A cloud-based edition is also available on an annual subscription basis.

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