DivaSystem LCA

The standard for consolidated accounting and account settlement systems
that enjoys the largest share in Japan*


  • The standard for consolidated accounting systems, which was fostered by the introduction to more than 1,000 customers in total and enjoys the largest share in Japan*.

  • Comprehensive coverage of consolidated account settlement operations, covering data collection, consolidated account processing, reporting, and disclosure.

  • Extensive standard features that can be introduced in both small and large scale without customization.

  • Task management and drill-down functions can streamline the operations of consolidated account settlement and auditing.

  • Handles the consolidated account settlement of overseas subsidiaries and the visualization of specific accounting records of overseas affiliates and subsidiaries.

  • Consolidated accounting and management accounting are performed on a single system.

* The actual sales amount of consolidated accounting software (package) in the 2012-2019 period in “New Market of Software Businesses” by Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.

*ITR, “IT Market View: Budget, Expense, and Attendance Management Market 2018 Consolidated Accounting Market: Revenue Trend and Share by Vendor (FY 2015-2017 Forecast)

【さまざまな連結会計データ管理 連結決算業務への対応】・早期化のための高速一括処理 ・制度~業績管理まで、すべてのデータを 一元管理し、共通利用できる環境へ【多用なデータ収集方式への柔軟な対応】・Web収集、データ連携・エラーチェック などによるデータ収集の効率化・信頼性 の確保 ・担当者に優しい入力画面 ・内部取引事前照合による、 決算作業の早期化【多様かつ柔軟なデータ分析レポーティング】・レポート作成の自動化 ・高度な分析作業への移行 ・数値確定と同時にすべてのレポートが 自動作成される環境へ→IFRS を含む制度改正への対応 / 拡張性(管理連結、連結業績管理) / 内部統制対応

Key Features

Data collection

Database linkage

  • By directly interacting with SAP®, other accounting systems, and the ERP database, specific accounting data is automatically collected.

Compatible with text files

  • Text files exported from an accounting system can be imported to DIVA’s system by converting codes and formats.

Excel-based data collection (offline/online)

  • Systemizes an operational process while leaving familiar Excel files usable. DivaSystem LCA provides online data collection and communication with group companies in real time.

Record-based data collection

  • DivaSystem LCA enables data collection even at a record level.

Progress management

  • Promotes efficient parent-subsidiary communication by automatically checking data entries and visualizing the progress.

Consolidation processing

Consolidation features for statutory purposes and managerial purposes

  • Enriched standard features coupled with flexibility/scalability allow for statutory consolidation and managerial consolidation to be processed on a single system.
  • Handles a wide range of consolidated accounting processes, including budgeting, planning, assumed consolidation, various consolidated simulations, and overseas subsidiary consolidated account settlement.
  • Also handles managerial accounting processed by multiaxial/multilevel consolidated accounting.

Automated processing

  • Automates almost every process based on JGAAP and IFRS
  • A proof report function is in place to fully prevent the process from becoming black boxed.

Reporting and disclosure


  • Superior reporting and data analysis tools, including more than 300 standard forms and drill-down reporting, multidimensional analysis, and proprietary reporting.
  • Analysis reports on competitors are uploaded on our support site based on past introduction to more than 1,000 customers to share them with customers.

Analysis function

  • Provides analysis on product, delivery destination, or other factors bases, in addition to analysis of financial statements by changing the analysis axis (comparison of multiple periods and drill-down analysis are available).
  • Extracts and analyzes data in DivaSystem LCA in optional Excel formats in real-time.

Interaction with the financial disclosure system

  • Streamlines disclosure operations with a standard package that covers the interaction of data collection processes for regulatory disclosure with the financial disclosure support system.
  • Provides data interaction with the financial disclosure support system.


On-premises edition
Our service uses either a customer’s own server or our in-house server. We operate an outsourcing service which uses customer’s data stored on our in-house server, which frees customers from setting up their servers by themselves.
Cloud-based edition
A cloud-based edition is also available on an annual subscription basis.

Please contact us for details.

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