DivaSystem SMD

Management accounting shows consolidated and multiaxial group revenues


  • Multiaxial group management accounting (by product, by customer, by affiliate, etc.)

  • Prepares consolidated revenue reports using specific data on the sales and costs of each company that have yet to be summarized, in addition to data on the accounting system.

  • Drills down to specific data from group totals.

  • Performs future simulations based on scenarios.

Key features

Key Features


Data collection

  • Directly collects data at a specific level from various sources, including databases, files, and ERP.


  • GUI tools support non-programmed data cleansing and processing processes.
  • An accounting library performs a process essential to accounting and consolidation. Multiaxial or multilevel apportionment, which tends to be complex, can be performed by simply setting parameters.
  • A GUI tool visualizes data processing and in-process data, allowing for knowledge and skills to be shared easily and changes to be responded to flexibly.


Data collection

  • Views and edits tabular data in familiar Excel files or browser-spreadsheets.
  • Provides easy set-up of input assistance for checking entries, referring to master data, and checking consistency.
  • Displays historical data automatically on an input form as a reference for the recipient.
  • The workflow feature supports the simultaneous delivery of a request to fill in information, submission thereof, and status management. Reduces the workload of individual personnel.


  • Automatically imports Excel and tabular data entered by each affiliate. Supports the storage of pre-set information in a database and automatic calculation.

Analysis and visualization


  • Finds the quickest, corporate management-focused way of processing data. GUI provides easy set-up and expansion.
  • A processing logic can be created by an end user, allowing for quick hypothesis testing.
  • Easily connects different types of data and adds/modifies a logic, allowing for quick conversion of the analysis axis.
  • Creates reports of many kinds that can be designed easily, providing points of analysis of corporate management based on profound insights fostered through practical experience.


Forecasting and simulation

  • End users can later import and combine external data easily, which can be applied to a forecasting model.
  • Extends the scope of hypothesis testing by not only applying a fixed scenario but also letting end users change and extend scenarios.
  • Provides various proven methods of statistical analysis, including linear regression, autoregression and growth methods.
  • An approach to consolidate directly-collected raw data, instead of data summarized by each company, provides higher forecast accuracy and optimum solutions for the entire group.


Cloud-based edition
A cloud-based service is also available on a annual subscription basis.

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