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Lightapplication to gather data for group management


Don't you have any difficulty in communicating with group companies?

The role of a parent company has become essential nowadays when corporate activities expand globally. To move forward on group management, communication with group companies on budget, the status of sales, and human resources information becomes a key. To do so, it is inevitable to gather and aggregate data with Excel. On the other hand, with variety of group management, companies face several problems on troublesome tasks like gathering numerous types of Excel files, managing and aggregating data, reporting.

DivaSystem FBX Customer's Issues

FBX can solve all above problems.

Reason for Selection

Business area covered up with DivaSystem FBX

DivaSystem FBX is a web-based application for gathering and reporting data for group management. FBX can improve data gathering and aggregation process drastically.

For example, budget compilation process from all internal business units at the end of fiscal period, or monthly sales reports from all sales branches across the world. FBX can distribute data reporting format centrally to all related departments or branches, manage reporting status, aggregation of reported data and generate summary report instead of file distribution and collection by email or shared folder.

DivaSystem FBX Coverage Area
  • Corporate Planning
    • Budget and Forecast
    • Monthly Actual Performance
    • Mid-term Plan
  • Accounting / Treasury
    • Capital Investment Plan
    • Fund Management
    • BEPS
  • Human Resources / General Affair / Investor Relations
    • HR Information
    • Risk Management
    • Environmental Information
  • and More

Product Features

Customer Voice

  • Since FBX can be commonly used for different operations, we easily got acceptance from multiple departments on cost-effectiveness.
    (System Department at A Corporation)
  • When we needed to gather data newly, we were able to cope with it quickly.
    (HR Department at A Corporation)
  • Since we were able to operate FBX intuitively, I felt it easy to explain to others how to use it.
    (Finance Department at B Corporation)
  • FBX accelerates our reporting to the management since the information can be gathered more quickly and precisely.
    (Corporate Planning Department at C Corporation)