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Message from the President

Message from the President

How will our society change as we enter an era in which transparency is required for all corporate activities? Our mission of the popularization of management information was born in response to this question. In line with this mission, we aim to contribute to the improvement of corporate management quality (ethics) and productivity in this new era through developing environments that facilitate the disclosure of information for all types of corporate activities, with a focus on financial information that serves as the common language for corporate activities. We focus on three pillars in order to achieve this as we aim to provide products and services of value to customers.

Professional expertise

As the first pillar, by focusing on group management and consolidated accounting that are becoming an increasingly more advanced and complex service area, we work to improve the expertise of operations and appropriately support the needs of customers. By actively incorporating constantly changing accounting systems for consolidated accounting services that serve as the basis for implementing group management and learning from the latest cases in global consolidated management from a perspective of group management, we provide service consistent with holding the top share in this field.

Support service with hospitality

As the second pillar, we provide support services that go beyond how to use software to also provide advice from the perspectives of operations and running systems. Simply installing software and establishing an information platform does not produce value if this software and platform cannot be used effectively. We view our services as not being completed with simply the provision of software, but to also include support for the effective use of this software, and accordingly we provide support following installation so that customers can feel reassured using this software in their business.

Expansion of the scope of contributions

As the third pillar, we aim to expand the scope of contributions to customers by providing new solutions centered on consolidated accounting solutions. Since establishment, we have constantly worked to further strengthen our ability to support changes in accounting systems such as those represented by the adoption of IFRS in our mainstay business of providing consolidated accounting solutions, and in order to respond to customer issues that are constantly becoming more advanced and complex, we will offer new solutions.

Tetsuji Morikawa, President & CEO