Corporate Information

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Mission, Vision, and Values


In line with our mission to popularize management information, we aim to contribute to the improvement of corporate management quality (ethics) and productivity in this new era through the development of environments that assume the disclosure of information for all types of corporate activities, with a focus on financial information that serves as the common language for corporate activities.

With the advance of an information-oriented society, management for an era of easy access to a variety of information will likely differ significantly from management in the past. We believe that information disclosure will be key to this era and that it will be bidirectional as well.

The first step has been contributing to the disclosure of Corporate Information and consolidated closing operations that require dialog with group companies. We aim to do our utmost to further evolve from our origins in consolidated accounting.

Furthermore, in order to contribute to gradually advancing global management and group governance, we have started providing integrated accounting solutions to support the adoption of IFRS, managerial accounting and business management solutions to support group management, and total outsourcing for consolidated closing work. We have also started development and support preparations for global products to enable us to offer full-fledged global solutions.

In addition to product development, we will provide solutions that offer professional expertise and full hospitality through the realization of our mission so that the company can be recognized as an optimal partner that grows together with its customers.


Our vision is "creating a company that will be around for 100 years." In line with this vision, we aim to create a company that can develop in a sustainable manner as the result of business activities that continue to contribute to customers. While products and services have life cycles, there is no end to improving and reforming the businesses of customers. Rather than focusing on short-term results, we will focus on business activities that prioritize creating long-term relationships with customers.


This indicates the form of Diva's organization. We believe it essential to have an organizational culture that values open and honest human relationships.
This indicates the form of our customer-oriented approach. We will consistently work to create new value and pursue full customer satisfaction.
Regarding the form of individuals at Diva, we believe that enjoying change and pursuing growth will encourage the vitality of each and every individual member.

At Diva, as a company composed of staff members that share this mission, vision, and values, we will do our utmost to contribute to the development of client companies.