We use Excel to process consolidated accounting work. Is implementation of a system necessary?

In case of Excel, errors due to manual labor, risks from black-boxing, and internal control-related risks occur occasionally. To eliminate such risks, we recommend system implementation.

Is DivaSystem implementation suitable only for large corporations?

Of our clients, one third of them have less than 10 group companies, and more than 60 % of them have less than 20 group companies. Please click here to see the statistics on company size for our clientele.

Can DivaSystem handle only financial accounting?

Not only for financial accounting, it is capable of sophisticated corporate performance management (CPM), such as managerial accounting and consolidated cost calculations.

Can we use DivaSystem outside of accounting area?

Business planning division, for example, and other areas where they are involved in managing group companies and operational management can benefit from using DivaSystem.

Is DivaSystem capable of handling multiple languages?

English and Chinese inputs are available.

Do you provide support overseas?

We align ourselves to your advances overseas. We have a support base in the U.S. and in the U.K. established.

Is there any history of DivaSystem implementation overseas?

There are a number of implementation cases in the U.S., South East Asia, and China. Please feel free to ask us from here for details.

Can I see the actual product and demonstration of it?

Please feel free to request us from here first.

Does it cost for version update of DivaSystem?

There is no additional cost for you to use our Version Update Program.

Do we need any add-ons or customization at the time of implementation?

Most of our clients do not need to add-on or customize to implement DivaSystem.

We are concerned about staff availability for consolidation accounting...

We provide Financial Operation Outsourcing Services.

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