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Financial Operation Outsourcing

From financial closing to disclosure document preparation, "Financial Closing Process Outsourcing Service" mitigates "key man" risk, supports work process restructure, and enables valuable personnel to concentrate on more value-added tasks.

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DIVA CORPORATION’s outsourcing service assists all tasks including non-consolidation/consolidation accounting and disclosures; it extensively reduces customers’ workload and cost. Unlike a simple business process outsourcing (BPO), our outsourcing service goes into depth with re-engineering of processes (BPR) to contribute to operation reforms, for examples, by making accounting division able to actively participate in business management, optimizing group-wide accounting, or improving PDCA cycle.

Our experienced staff undertakes financial closing tasks which can be handled by outside professionals; they can resolve bottlenecks and situations where many companies overly relies skills of handful individuals to do certain tasks. With our outsourcing services, you can let your own staff concentrate on more value-added works, which helps the staff to accumulate practical knowledge like analyzing or applying the data generated by the closing.

Main Features
Strengthen business processes and reduce "key man" risk

We make our efforts to share our customers' business processes to share our staff and duplicate the processes for backup. This reduces risks that only skillful staff can be in charge of our outsourcing services, and also strengthens business processes itself.

Maintain and improve operational quality by strengthening checking system

We set up several checkpoints for our processes in preparation, during, and after closing. For internal control purposes, trace documents for journal entries are generated and can be provided to you.

Supported by experts with rich experiences

Staff with over 20 years of experience at major audit firms can answer your questions and appropriately respond to various scenarios.

Work integration and streamlining with DivaSystem

Our staff will discuss design plan with you in advance, take in all tasks and documentations, and transfer onto DivaSystem. This enables you to unify work processes and data, which you previously managed in Excel, in a single system, laying a foundation the future work efficiency.

The reduced work processes due to the streamlining will be reflected in your future outsourcing cost, enabling you to enjoy even more of the benefits of the outsourced services.

Meets the needs of following customers:
  • A series of work processes are overly relied on certain personnel, which is causing potential risks for human resources and personnel replacement.
  • You want to reduce workload that balloons up at certain intervals, such as in financial closing.
  • You want to make work processes transparent to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  • You want your accounting staff to focus more on works where their knowledge of the organization can best be utilized, such as business planning, various analyses, and optimization of group company accounting.

Area Coverage

We can provide you all services: cost calculation, individual accounting operation, non-consolidated financial closing, financial closing for overseas subsidiaries, consolidated financial closing, and preparation for annual securities reports. Additionally, we can provide services partially, such as preparation of consolidated cash flows or internal transaction reconciliations, to support your business by troubleshooting only for the selected tasks.

* Please be noted that we provide outsourcing services offsite by taking over work processes and delivering results, instead of dispatching our staff to your site at a time when the outsourcing service is required.

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Financial Operation Outsourcing