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System Operation Outsourcing

We provide a Cloud service by building with a user-specific customized environment in our robust data center, which reduces system operation/maintenance work and cost, so our customers can focus on their primary business with reliance to us.

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DIVA CORPORATION’s system operation outsourcing is a cloud based service which packages building, operating, and maintenance of a system environment where our customers can leverage with security and comfort. As User-specific server environment is constructed in our data center, you will not need to own system devices, such as a server, to run DivaSystem. It completely eliminates the cost of the device itself and operation, and provides you an environment where you can focus only on your primary business work.

Our system operation staff will handle tasks related to daily operation, maintenance, operational status reports, troubleshooting, and patch applications. In addition to our standard DivaSystem Managed Service (DSMS), we can customize our services to meet your needs.

Main Features
One-stop support by expert staff

Our expert staff will support you from the beginning to the end with system-related tasks, such as operational status reporting, routine maintenance, device troubleshooting, and patch application to Operating System. We can also support DivaSystem version updates.

We can support you for patch application, DivaSystem version updates at any time without any additional cost.

Secure Environmental Design

Our server environment uses a data center compliant to SSAE16 Type II, and ensures level of robustness enough to meet financial institutions’ requirements. It also maintains a high level of security for access by providing SSL encryption plus Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by Symantec.

Speedy Migration

Migration to DivaSystem’s operation environment can be done in three weeks at the shortest. Even a new implementation of the system will have a speedy migration.

Meets the needs of the customers who want to:
  • Be free from burden of system related operation and maintenance and focus more on core business activities
  • Reduce the cost related to purchase and replacement of system device needed to run DivaSystem
  • Leverage DivaSystem in the up-to-date environment at all time

Service Contents

System Infrastructure Design
  • Build server (at data center)
  • Install OS on server (Windows, etc.)
  • Install database application (Oracle, etc.)
  • Install DivaSystem
  • Routine maintenance
  • Operational status report
  • Troubleshooting (Available 24/7)
  • Patch application on server OS (as requested)
  • Database application version update (as requested)
  • DivaSystem version update (as requested)
Business Support
  • Internal control support
  • On call support during financial closing
  • Local disaster recovery support

Data Center and Access Environment

Data Center

Data center designated by DIVA CORPORATION
In compliance with No. 18 audit report (Japanese version of SAS70)

  • Quake proofing: two-dimensional seismic isolation floor to withstand an intensity of 7 on the Japanese scale
  • Power supply: parallel redundant system (Main bus duplication), equipped with private generator
  • Flood proofing: located in low risk flood zone
Access Environment

SSL encrypted communication
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by Symantec