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DivaSystem GEXSUS

Data Warehouse/Integrated Accounting System,
Foundation for Robust Group Governance

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DivaSystem GEXSUS is an integrated accounting system that provides out-of-the-box solutions to consolidated accounting, by achieving the data integration at the level of nonconsolidated journal entries of consolidation group. It processes wide range of data comprehensively, functions as a controllable data warehouse, and services as a foundation to support strengthening group management and streamlining financial statement preparation.

It differs from standard consolidation accounting system as DivaSystem GEXSUS can handle data at the level of each group company’s journal entries. It can process more details than existing systems which handles only at financial statement level. Furthermore, you have no need to change accounting systems used by group companies or to restructure a group-wide system. With support of DivaSystem GEXSUS, you can strengthen group management by speeding up consolidation preparation with data linkage, unifying accounting standards, and strengthening governance (streamlined audit). Towards IFRS compliance, each group company will have an environment to prepare closing statements proactively, and to effectively promote early group-wide closings.

Main Features
  • Able to handle data at nonconsolidated journal entry level, enabling management of wider range of data and strengthening governance.
  • Aids distribution of work load for settlement closing by providing an environment where not only accounting staff at the parent company can access, but also individual accounting staff at each group company can access.
  • Promotes overall efficiency of data collection and management by linking with ERP products, business analysis by linking with BI systems.
DivaSystem GEXSUS meets the needs of clients who want to:
  • Streamline data collection from group companies, data aggregation, and file management to save time.
  • Unify settlement periods, speed up financial closings, and strengthen group management and governance (fraud prevention) without group-wide implementation of a new elaborate system.
  • Promptly facilitate an environment for IFRS compliance while keeping investment for system at group company level under control.
  • Distribute the work load concentrated at the parent company and close the books efficiently.

Major Functions

Data Entry

From each table of the integrated group ledger, you can enter data and import files from the terminal connected to a web client’s computer.

You can import raw data generated by the existing enterprise systems of the group companies and accounting systems, and consolidate it in the integrated group ledger of DivaSystem GEXSUS.

Data Unification/Conversion

When importing data with varying layout or code scheme, DivaSystem GEXSUS automatically processes the following and converts the data into unified code scheme to be used in consolidated accounting for management purposes. This enables creating uniform code scheme for GL accounts or business product codes across group entities.

Additionally, it can cumulate or deduct between the differing data types.

[Process Examples]
  • Sorting items
  • Unifying items
  • Item segmentation
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Assigning target company
  • Assigning segment information

and more...

Internal Transaction Reconciliation

DivaSystem GEXSUS uses the amount (of transaction currency) of internal transactions among group companies as a base for reconciliation operations and calculates accurate amount difference by excluding translation difference. It can also utilize more detailed data, such as invoice units, to run reconciliation.

The result of the reconciliation is automatically managed by DivaSystem GEXSUS. The result can be also used in other consolidation accounting systems, including DivaSystem.

Similar to settlement closing, as well as the parent company, subsidiaries can also proactively run reconciliation operations.

Business Management
  • Manage consolidated management data for a shorter period than a fiscal term, as weekly or daily.
  • Analyze consolidated management from multiple dimensions and layers, such as company, business, area segment, market, client, or product.
  • Process data by allocating with an arbitrary logic (Master maintenance) and preparing automatic journal entries.
  • Collect data not only from subsidiaries but also from diverse entities within a group, such as business unit, manufacturing plant, branch, and manage or analyze centrally.
Automatic Journal Entry

You can arbitrarily define allocation logic or automatic journal entry creation logic. Not only at implementation of DivaSystem GEXSUS, but also after its launch, you can effortlessly add logics at the same maintenance level as system setting.

Analysis Function

You can create reports with aggregated values for any organizational layer by defining organizational items in layers. Data aggregation can be processed not only for GL accounts, but also any for arbitrary range of data. For example, you can run a multi-layered analysis by selecting a project or an area as axes using daily group sales data.

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