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DivaSystem SMD - Consolidated Business Management System

Visualize business management status based on multi-axes and consolidation by linking the information of goods and capital, bases of management

Product Concept

DIVA, which is a professional of consolidated accounting, has developed DivaSystem SMD, a system for consolidated business management, based on its experience to install over 1,000 companies. You can directly generate the information of consolidated profits and losses including the multi-axial based information by using sales details or cost details of each group company. Since the system makes the consolidated cost/profit structure visualize by extracting the transaction data that has not been summarized from each business system, you can grasp the entire business.

Usage Examples of DivaSystem SMD

Here are the usage examples of DivaSystem SMD:

Business Category Features of Project
Wholesale and Retail (Food)
  • Linkage with details from enterprise systems of each company; Arrangement of analysis axis
  • Profit and loss management based on multi-axes (by department, product or customer) throughout every organization
Logistics/Real Estate
  • Improvement of logic processes to distribute the cost of control department to each business division
  • Budget management of each group company by property
Daily Necessities Manufacturer
  • Selection and concentration of the global product lineup (Specification of unprofitable and slow moving items)
  • Grasp of the actual results based on the consolidated multi-axes (by product, market, or location) and creation of the management plan
Precision Machinery Supplier
  • Grasp of the consolidated cost or marginal profit
  • Setting of the selling price, and analysis of CVP (break-even point)
Medical Supplies Supplier
  • Simulating and medium-term planning of the actual performance with sales planning, overall production planning, or inventory planning
  • Structuring of dashboard for profit management by product, customer, or supplier
Industrial Equipment Manufacturer
  • Revenue analysis by machine, cost structure management, sales price management, and CVP analysis on consolidated basis
  • Exchange rate simulation with transaction currency, and demand or inventory forecasting
Construction Material Supplier
  • Distribution of SGA (physical distribution cost) by multi-steps to each major trade partner
  • Change of performance measurement from gross-profit base to operating-profit base
Industrial Equipment Manufacturer
  • Consolidated profit management by product, trade partner, destination, or industry
  • Improvement of the level of management of overseas subsidiaries, and equipment of data linkage
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