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DivaSystem 10 - Consolidated Accounting System

DivaSystem 10 Strength

Product Overview

DivaSystem is used by over 1,000 corporate customers and has gained the number one market share in consolidated accounting systems.* Even a novice in consolidated accounting can use DivaSystem with ease. You can collect local data from various group companies both domestic and overseas by using methods suited for local conditions and situations. Based on the gathered data, you can manage your business on a consolidated basis from perspectives of any cross-section.

DivaSystem 10 Strength

Implementation Results

Installed by 1,000 companies. No.1 market share in Japan for consolidated accounting system.*

DivaSystem has steadily built experiences and trust since V1.0 release in 1997.

Number of Companies with DivaSystem Implementations
as of June 2019
DivaSystem 10 Implementation Results

*The actual sales amount of consolidated accounting software (package) in 2012-2019 in "New Market of Software Businesses" by Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.

*"IT Market View: Budget, Cost, Employment Management Market 2019: Transition and Share of Sales Amount by Vendor in Consolidated Accounting Market (2016-2018 Forecast)" by ITR

Offers flexibility to any size of business
Rate of businesses using DivaSystem by number of their subsidiaries
as of June 2019
DivaSystem 10 Implementation Results

The high applicability of DivaSystem's standard functions matching our customers' needs without any customization is a key point. Its flexible architecture also enables the system to be customized to your needs regardless of the size of your business.

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