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  • Trusted No. 1 market shares
  • Ease of use
  • Flexible and abundant managerial accounting functions

DivaSystem is a consolidated accounting system used by over 1,000 businesses with No. 1 market shares. Its menu guides work processes, making even a novice in consolidation accounting do the work at ease. Because it can collect diverse data domestically and from overseas and create reports, its application goes beyond consolidation for financial purposes. DivaSystem can handle various work processes including addressing IFRS and managerial consolidation, and is available on the cloud or on the premise.

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  • Accelerate and streamline financial closings
  • From adoption of IFRS to managerial accounting and performance management
  • Laborsaving by making use of outsorcing services

DIVA provides consulting services for IFRS introduction, accelerating and streamlining individual/consolidated financial closings, and support for overseas deployment, etc. In the area of business management, our professional staff with vast knowledge provides effective services including budgeting, target/forecast management, consolidated cost management, aggregating accounting data from group companies, and researching overseas subsidiaries, etc. In addition, we provide outsourcing services of all operation by financial and accounting departments or server maintenance.

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Maintenance Support

  • Total support in processing, system, and training

DIVA offers support in post-implementation operation and services which leads to further streamlining and problem-solving. The nature of our support services goes beyond product maintenance, and encompasses consulting about accounting practice and providing various seminars. To address globalization of business environment, we started a support to the local businesses from our North America location in 2015.

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Main Products

DivaSystem 10

Consolidated Accounting

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DivaSystem is used by over 1,000 businesses, boasting No. 1 shares in the consolidated accounting system market

DivaSystem SMD

Consolidated Accounting for Management

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Multiple dimensions for analysis and flexible data processing enable transparency in business status

DivaSystem FBX

Group Data Collection

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Web-based application for group data collection – can be utilized by many departments

Main Services

Consulting Service for Closing Optimization

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We provide the best solutions for our clients to accelerate closing operation and help realizing the solution.

Consulting Service for Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

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We provide DivaSystem SMD for consolidated accounting for management and consultation for each issue on management by a special team.

Group Governance Enhancement Service

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We help strengthen the governance of group companies located at home and abroad by introducing an operational system for both consolidated accounting and management accounting, while accepting inquiries from subsidiaries.

Data Assurance Service

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The service provides a solution for accounting operations that ensures numerical accuracy and fraud-detection from the view point of audit. It ensures completeness and immediacy, while reducing the company-wide burden and securing the credibility of data.

Support Service for Adoption of IFRS

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We help our clients to realize efficiently adoption of IFRS by developing "Methods for adoption of IFRS" that enables appropriate and efficient adoption of IFRS.

Solution for Group Taxation

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Our operating support system for group taxation, BEPS Cloud, continues to evolve. The service provides a one-stop solution by assisting customers’ group taxation operations from data collection from group companies, reporting, the development of a system that enables analysis and simulation, to other maintenance services.

Financial Operation Outsourcing

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We provide services to reduce our clients' workload and cost by corresponding to all operation including non-consolidated accounting, consolidated accounting, and disclosure.

System Operation Outsourcing

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We provide cloud-based services that include building of system foundation, operation, and support for stable operation of DivaSystem.

Maintenance Support

DIVA's customer support is not only product support. We support your business itself in hopes that you continue to use our products. For that reason, we also offer the following services.

Supporting Stable Service Operation

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We support your smooth performance by providing an inquiry desk and customized consultation meeting.

Supporting Stable System Operation

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We support your stable operaion by remote maintenance services and version upgrade services.

Provision of Valuable Information

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We provide beneficial information by users' support portal site, search tools of disclosed cases and rules, and free seminars and training sessions.

Supporting Human Resources Development

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We provide system and practical educational services.

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