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Consulting Service for Closing Optimization

Provide consultation for not only efficient usage of DivaSystem
but also closing process and operational organization

  • Overview
  • Process
  • Approach

DIVA CORPORATION provides consulting services to help you shorten and optimize closing process by corresponding to changes of your management environment, such adoption of IFRS, integration of closing period among group companies, and globalization of your business.

We grasp points needing improvement on process and organization for optimization of your closing operation, provide the best solution, and support to realize the solution by leveraging our wealth of experience and plenty of knowledge that have gained from implementation of DivaSystem to over 1,000 companies.

We can meet the following challenges of our clients:
  • We want to optimize our closing. However, we don't know what to do first.
  • We have difficulties to cope with optimization of closing at the same time with our daily operation.
  • We cannot get started until we know tangible effects like ROI.

Flow of Consulting Service

Consulting Service for Closing Optimization
1. Understanding of current status and clarification of the purpose

We execute hearing from our clients based on the list of closing operation and clarify the current status and effect/aim that you want to realize.

2. Identification of issues

We identify our client's issues based on hearing results. We consider a solution.

3. Discussion

We have discussions with our client on contents and ways of the solution and embody the solution.

4. Measurement of effectiveness

We clarify ROI by estimating workload and schedule to be reduced by executing the solution.

5. Proposal of projects

We provide services to optimize closing operation with clarifying ROI.

Factors to hinder acceleration of consolidated closing

Consulting Service for Closing Optimization

Our clients, who want to accelerate consolidated closing, have problems that roughness and mistakes on upstream process (such input transaction of source for journal entries, input transfer slips, etc.) affect badly on consolidated closing operation in downstream process. Do you really think that it's all right to consider solutions for those problems on only parent side?

Support service for optimization of consolidated accounting operation, reviewed from non-consolidated systems

We are professionals of consolidated accounting operation. We are able to realize acceleration of consolidated accounting operation by reflecting our point of view of consolidated accounting operation onto system requirements of non-consolidated system, smoothing data linkage between non-consolidated and consolidated systems, and improving accuracy on automatic process of consolidated accounting system.

Consulting Service for Closing Optimization

Your subsidiaries will improve their operation to prepare reporting data to a parent company by arranging how they store data on their own non-consolidated system. The arrangement will result in reducing manual input and input errors.
On a parent company's side, you will be able to reduce time to inquiry about inaccurate reporting data and spare time to analyze since the process of consolidated accounting system becomes accurate.

Main Features of Our Service
  1. Organize improving points on consolidated accounting operation and give feedback on non-consolidated system
    • We purse causes of the delay of consolidated accounting operation, organize them, and give feedback to non-consolidated system of group companies.
  2. Support for improving non-consolidated system
    • We support for developing and execute action plans for improvement by organizing improvement points of non-consolidated system from the view of consolidated accounting.
    • If you consider replacement of non-consolidated systems, we support for further strengthening your group management foundation by arranging demonstrations, providing definition to select non-consolidated systems for accelerating consolidated accounting closing, etc.
    • We can support your subsidiaries in your group as well as a parent company (DivaSystem user). We organize ways to use our system efficiently for not only subsidiaries but also a parent company based on requirements of a parent company's consolidated accounting operation.