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Consulting Service for Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

DIVA's experts in corporate performance management assist you establish a framework for managerial accounting. Our CPM experts have not only the management viewpoint for where your company should be heading to for successful future, but also responsibility to complete system implementation.

  • Overview
  • Process

To lead our clients to successful projects in corporate performance management (CPM), DIVA is armed with experienced CPM consulting specialists, who are versed in a variety of industries and themes.

In addition to our experience in implementing DivaSystem with over 1,000 businesses, our qualification is also based on the wealth of our knowledge of corporate performance management which we gained through operational experiences in diverse line of businesses and projects. We can provide our clients a one-stop support in drawing up a plan for more sophisticated business management, defining business requirements, developing and implementing best solutions, and operational support.

We can meet the following challenges of our clients:
  • Not having a good grasp of performance management and information systems of the oversea subsidiaries.
  • Facing multiple issues such as budgeting, global data integration/building DWH, managerial consolidation, merging financial and managerial accounting, and unifying accounting closing periods.
  • Not clearly seeing which KPI's to employ and how to implement the PDCA cycle continuously in an effective manner to bring results.
  • Cannot proceed with projects when the effect (ROI) is not defined clearly.
  • Cannot determine how to design and build a system.
  • Built a system in the past, but has not being able to achieve the initial objectives and failed to sustain the operation of the system.
CPM Application

We meet a multitude of challenges in CPM, from consolidated cost calculation by interlocking goods and money data to future forecasting (simulation) and optimization.

  • Easy-to-see dashboard for business management data
  • Consolidated managerial accounting, Financial and managerial accounting merger
  • Budgeting/Forecasting management
  • Global data integration, Master integration

Consulting Service Steps

Consulting Service for Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
1. Define basic concepts: understand current conditions and identify objectives

We listen to the top executives, sections of the head office such as accounting and strategic planning departments, as well as sales, production, and purchasing divisions and overseas locations, in order to understand the current situations and clarify the results (objectives) to achieve.
We do not only develop a tool but also define a scope of the project and direct it to ensure a certain and effective management process reform. By closely coordinating with our clients, we beeline to achieve the objectives.

2. Business requirements: Identify and prioritize issues, select solutions

Based on our interviews, we discuss with our clients on contents and methods of solutions to identify issues.
We examine causes and effects and prioritize the issues to clarify true problems.
We lead to define system requirements and design the system.

3. Draw up a prototypes and select solutions

We build a prototype to test solutions' details, methods and results. By doing so, we incorporate the identified issues and define launching schedules of the solutions. If necessary, we can create request for proposal (RFP) on your behalf, or select products and design vendors.

4. System design/building and project management

Even in the phases following designing of the system, we are still actively involved in building the system as a project management office (PMO) — we can seamlessly bridge our clients and their SI vendors to ensure that the project does not veer off from the initial intents and goals from the perspectives of both business and technology. Additionally, by encouraging our clients to proactive participate, we can better gain knowledge of the existing system and grasp the application's future maintenance and operation issues, and transfer our skills onto our clients.
DIVA sometimes continue to lead system integration (SI) projects.

5. Operational support, knowledge process outsourcing

Even after the trial run and completion of the system build, we continue to support our clients as insider in the areas of smooth skill transfer, sustaining operation, tackling new challenges, and other ways to improve their knowledge process aiming for success.