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Group Governance Enhancement Service

Our consultants, who are well-versed in global projects,
help build a group governance scheme prepared for overseas/domestic business expansion

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Japanese companies are facing the so-called 3G (global, group, and governance) challenges. Amid a variety of business innovations, it is critical to overcome the barriers of distance, language and culture, and to strengthen the governance over business sites abroad. Our nearly 1,000 customers are no exception. We have consultants who are well-versed in satisfying customer needs in global projects to support the strengthening of your group governance.

We recommend this service to those who face the following challenges:
  • Spending excessive time and effort to prepare Excel-based sub-consolidated data due to an increase in the number of overseas business sites and an expansion of the scale of overseas revenue.
  • Having difficulty responding in real time to inquiries from auditors and management due to insufficient information that can be accessed by the head office with respect to a supervisory site and its sub-subsidiary companies.
  • The supervisory site does not have a management accounting system available, or the management accounting system is not sufficiently accurate for analysis.
  • Much time must be spent on obtaining a consolidated package from overseas business sites. The existing system is not accurate
  • A relationship has yet to be established between the head office and the overseas accounting division.
  • It takes time to respond to inquiries from overseas sites, causing a delay in the financial closing operations.

Details of service

1. Introduction of a sub-consolidated accounting system for overseas supervisory companies

DivaSystem automatically formulates sub-consolidated accounting data that has been prepared on Excel, etc., making such data accessible from the head office more smoothly.In cases where the head office uses DivaSystem, head office consolidation and sub-consolidation can be achieved from the same system, enhancing the governance of the head office.

This scheme allows for reporting to the head office and the management of the supervisory company using the same data source as well as access to the numerical data of the supervisory company from the head office in a timely manner, enhancing governance.

Effects of introduction
  • Allows for the creation of financial data based on the same aggregated data to be submitted to both the parent company’s systematic consolidated reporting and the management of the supervisory company
  • Becoming familiarized with the system with the support of the parent company (accumulation of knowledge within the group)
  • Allows the parent company to confirm the supervisory site’s financial closing progress based on facts in a timely manner (strengthening of governance)
  • May enable information sharing between supervisory sites in the future
2.Introduction of a management accounting system for overseas supervisory companies

Management accounting using DivaSystem by the supervisory company allows for the creation of detailed management accounting information in a precise and timely manner, which helps expedite the decision-making process of the supervisory company. In cases where the head office uses DivaSystem, the management consolidated data of the supervisory company is accessible via the same system, enhancing smooth reporting to the head office by the supervisory company and the governance of the head office.

Effects of introduction
  • A system that uses existing information in Excel, thereby allowing for systemization with minimum change in operations.
  • The number of steps for aggregating values as well as aggregation mistakes are reduced.
  • Necessary information for management decision making can be submitted to the company and the parent company in a timely manner (*including information for past years).
  • Group-wide governance has been strengthened. -> A scheme to detect an accounting change from the previous year above a certain level is scheduled to be built in the future.
3.Support service that responds to inquiries from subsidiaries

As financial closing operations become more globalized, the head office and the supervisory company receive more inquiries on, among other matters, the handling of the difference in GAAP, national holidays and the time lag of individual countries, which keeps the financial closing schedule under pressure. During an accounting period, Diva directly accepts inquiries from subsidiaries at three sites 24 hours a day to help accounting personnel focus on their duties.

Diva’s customer support for overseas subsidiaries contributes to the reduction of the operational burden of customers and expedites reporting. The following describes the result of the subsidiary support we provided to one of our customers.


To overcome the barriers of distance and language, we offer the following method/approach upon introduction:

Cloud-based introduction

In cases where it is difficult to define a requirement clearly face-to-face, the cloud-based DivaSystem, through which an actual accounting system is accessible both from the customer and Diva, helps with the smooth introduction thereof while preventing miscommunication.

Operational training in the requirement definition phase

To help customers become accustomed to operations using DivaSystem earlier and smoother, we offer operational training during the requirement definition phase and transfer technical skills to customers so that they can run subsequent data verification on their own.

Follow-up from global sites

Any of our three global sites located in your time zone are ready to accept your inquiries on operational testing and actual accounting operations, as well as other consultation issues. After the introduction is completed, your requests for an on-site survey and operational training, etc. are also welcome.

Support service that responds to inquiries from subsidiaries