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Solution for Group Taxation

Supports customers’ group taxation operations from a proactive/defensive standpoint in taxation risk management and the development of a taxation management system in view of the optimization of group-wide cash flow

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With a recent trend of countries around the world tightening their transfer pricing taxation rules, customers will have to strengthen their group-wide taxation governance and taxation management system.
Diva provides a one-stop solution by assisting customers’ group taxation operations from data collection from group companies, reporting, the development of a system for analysis and simulation, to other maintenance services.

List of issues concerning group taxation area

Diva provides solutions to the following issues in the group taxation area from a system and consulting perspective

Group taxation ・ Development of a group taxation policy
・ Reduction of consolidated effective tax rates
・ Handling of taxation through a tax haven
・ Development of a transfer pricing taxation policy
・ Implementation and operation of CbC Reporting (BEPS Action 13)
・ Management of master files, local files and other related information

BEPS Cloud, an evolving solution that supports a group taxation area

With BEPS Cloud, the user is allowed to implement BEPS measures more effectively and in a more advanced manner by utilizing Diva’s know-how regarding consolidated accounting and group data collection solutions.
Taking the opportunity to support BEPS implementation, we will also strive to provide solutions in taxation areas on the basis of the strong track record, experience, and know-how we have accumulated in the area of consolidated accounting and business management.

Examples of use


A company managed under a consolidated accounting system and a company managed by a Taxation division (a company subject to group taxation) were facing issues, such as the adjustment of authority, in incorporating themselves into a consolidated accounting system for which an Accounting division was responsible.
Considering the future use of group taxation, including the announcement of standards and policies, communication between the taxation personnel of individual companies, and collection of documents on a trade agreement between these companies, we proposed a cloud-based “dedicated group taxation” infrastructure separately from the consolidated accounting system. The customer adopted BEPS Cloud, which incurs lower initial cost and requires neither infrastructure-related adjustment nor procurement.

  • Systemized the process for preparing matters to be reported by countries with sharing consolidated accounting data, and reduced input burden and simplified collection and management operations.
  • Collected taxation-related information and the matters to be reported by individual countries. Engaged in the development of a governance-focused management infrastructure

Why DIVA is chosen

  • Reduces the input burden by sharing data with the consolidated accounting system

    The user is allowed to import data of not only DivaSystem but also various accounting systems.
    For example, users at individual group companies can use data imported at the time of the preparation of matters to be reported by individual countries, reducing the input burden.

  • Various unique merits of a cloud system

    The user can access a highly secure network with only an internet connection.
    By cutting the man-hours of operations and maintenance management, business divisions are able to focus on their core work.
    Since a monthly service fee is paid, the user does not have to pay any fee when not using it.
    The standard contents are updated as legal requirements, including the matters to be reported by individual countries, are changed.
    The standard contents associated with group taxation operations will be expanded.

  • Aligned with an e-Tax submission format

    The matters to be reported by individual countries are promptly aligned with an e-Tax submission format.
    The user is allowed to export data to CSV.