DIVA's Strengths

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DIVA's Strengths

No. 1 installation track record based on trust and appreciation from users

DivaSystem has the No. 1 installation track record for consolidated accounting systems. It has been used by a total of more than 1,000 companies of various sizes and from a wide range of industries. There has been no wavering in the strong track record and trust that has been steadily established since its release in 1997.

Products that promptly incorporate the latest trends, are easy to use, and have excellent extensibility

DivaSystem covers the functions required for consolidated accounting operations and group business management. It has strengths in various areas, including coordination with existing systems, ease of use, and future extensibility.

  • Integrates system consolidation and management consolidation to achieve a management platform that enables centralized processing.
  • High-precision standard functions that can be installed even without customization.
  • Flexible development platform that allows us to support the specific requirements of customers.

Provision of total support ranging from products and operations to human resources

We go beyond mere product support to offer full support that covers a broader scope. We support improvements in the efficiency and level of the accounting and business management operations of our customers.

  • We continue to provide consistent support from the initial to the latest version.
  • We provide support that extends to actual operations, including briefings in advance of account closing.

Outstanding organizational base staffed by consolidated accounting professionals

In addition to products, we have established a fully equipped system as a corporate organization. In addition to the large number of experts at the company, one of our major strengths is our alliances with business partners.

  • We have 100 product development and maintenance staff members and approximately 100 consultants.
  • We also have consultants who specialize in consolidated managerial accounting.
  • Development and maintenance staff members and consultants work together to incorporate the know-how of user companies in product specifications as appropriate.
  • We work closely together with highly
    specialized group companies. We support the introduction of business intelligence (BI) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • We have established alliances with a wide range of business partners.
    We provide comprehensive support for achieving consistent systems through the mutual coordination of accounting systems and ERP.
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