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Supporting Human Resources Development

Educational support of accounting practices and system operations

We aim to provide a comprehensive educational service ranging from system training to business knowledge and skills that are needed by users.

Operational Training (for DivaSystem users)

Participants will become accustomed to using our products. The programs are offered as a classroom-style group seminar, where participants work on their own computers to learn how to input data, define settings, verify processed results and others. Participants learn how to use our products using a case study approach, etc.

Practical Seminar on Consolidated Accounting (open to anyone)

Participants are expected to understand consolidated accounting and to familiarize themselves with preparation of journal entries, and the procedures for preparing consolidated financial statements and others, in practical operation. The program is offered through e-learning, which is accessible from anywhere.

Moreover, the program is linked with the "Consolidated Accounting Practice Test" administered by the Japan Association of Chief Financial Officers. Participants in this seminar are recommended to take this test because they will be granted a discount on the testing fee.

A classroom-type Practical Seminar on Consolidated Accounting is also offered in the seminar room in our office building.
If you wish to attend a class-room type seminar, contact us at the following:

DIVA Educational Seminar Representative
TEL: +81-3-6683-3010 Email: